Hardworking Attorney Assisting Arroyo Grande Clients With Their Estate Planning Needs

Estate planning can be stressful, daunting, and confusing, so it’s essential to have a reliable and experienced legal professional by your side. For Douglas M. Buchanan Attorney at Law, helping you create an estate plan isn’t just another legal transaction. Doug sees it as the start of a long-term client relationship through which he can provide you with exceptional service over time and make sure your family and business are protected now and into the future.


Helping You Plan Your Will or Trust

Doug can provide you with comprehensive will and trust advice, and full explanations of the options that you have according to California law. He can offer guidance on how to select and establish compensation for an executor, help draft your documents in a way that minimizes your tax exposure, and offer recommendations for avoiding any potential headaches for your family in the probate or distribution process. Doug can also offer advice for special needs trusts for disabled beneficiaries.


Assisting in Your Real Estate Trust Transfer

Transferring your home and other real estate to your trust can be key to your estate plan, and holds many benefits for you and your family. Doug can advise you on the most effective and thorough way to work through all the necessary paperwork and legal tasks to get your property holdings fully and legally transferred.


Working With You During Probate

Probate is the often long and costly process through which an estate is distributed and executed by law. If you’re a grantor, Doug can advise you on how to minimize or eliminate the probate process for your family. If you’re an inheritor dealing with probate, he can leverage his extensive experience to represent you and your claims to the estate.


Establishing Your Healthcare Directive

A healthcare directive can be an important tool to inform your loved ones and medical professionals of your treatment wishes in case you can’t communicate them. Doug can offer you advice on how to draft a thorough living will that addresses your specific circumstances, and best practices for assign a durable power of attorney for your health care.


Here To Help You With Your Plan

Whatever your specific estate planning situation, Doug has advice and knowledge that you can use to inform your decisions regarding your will, real estate, probate or healthcare directive issues. With access to the right legal help, you don’t need to put off starting or revising your estate planning process.


Douglas Buchanan Attorney at Law brings more than two decades of experience helping advise and draft documents for the estate planning needs of clients in Arroyo Grande and throughout San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara counties. Call our office at (805) 541-6440 to schedule an initial consultation.