Experienced Estate Planning and Corporate Formation Attorney in Arroyo Grande

When it comes to taking big steps in your life like planning your estate or changing the structure of your business, all the legal tasks and paperwork involved could get overwhelming. Douglas M. Buchanan Attorney at Law focused on giving you personalized, practical legal advice that can help make your process go smoothly.


Estate Planning & Probate

There’s no need to be hesitant about planning your estate—especially when you have a dependable and experienced attorney by your side. Whether you’re planning your will or trust, needing to transfer real estate to your trust, dealing with or seeking to prevent probate or setting up your healthcare directive, Doug can provide the personalized service that you need.


Corporate Formation

Creating or legally changing your business is an important step in your career and life. So you shouldn’t need to be stressed about whether you’re forming your corporation correctly. Doug can help inform the legal side of your corporate formation decisions to meet your business goals. Should you structure a partnership, LLC or S-Corp? Will you need to draft shareholder or LLC membership agreements? How can you best limit your general liability? Doug can offer experienced advice on these and all other corporate formation matters.


Doug is Here to Help

Whether you’re dealing with estate planning, probate, a health care directive, or forming a corporation, Doug can offer guidance throughout your process and advice that directly applies to your specific situation. Get in touch today to get the skilled legal help and peace of mind that you deserve.


Douglas M. Buchanan Attorney at Law has assisted clients in Arroyo Grande with their estate planning and corporate formation for over two decades. Call our office today at (805) 541-6440 to schedule a consultation.